The Boxer Dog

The boxer is one of the most often misunderstood breeds on the planet. While experts know this, many people do not, due to the fact that the Boxer has become overly abbreviated in the popular imagination.

Anyway, here is what you need to know: the boxer is a German-bred dog. A descendant of the extinct Bullenbeisser, this breed is versatile, being able to work as a family dog, a guard dog, a watch dog and a carrier.

What is the Boxer?

The boxer is one of the most recognized dog breeds in the world, and for good reason:

  • It has a reputation as a dog that is extremely human-like in its demeanor and tendency to be overly aggressive towards strange humans.
  • Boxers possess a very competitive, almost arrogant air about them, which is one of the reasons that the boxer has continued to make remarkable progress as a commercially-known breed.
  • They are highly playful, very alert and attentive, high-spirited and boisterous, but brave and clever too.
  • As stated above, boxers are exceptionally strong and energetic, but are not really 'housing' dogs.
  • They are wonderful watch dogs, they start by alerting to within a few yards, before advancing to attack.
  • Taking care of their coat isn't a challenging routine. Bathing can be done once monthly, and is a 'no-brainer' unless one wants to see a wet, smelly boxer on furniture, in their sleep, or on fabrics-brown.
  • While dogs of many other breeds turn out to have similar color coats, the boxer coat is truly unique and beautiful. It is a single coat of short fur.

Training one's boxer must take account of all the aspects of this breed, thus it is no wonder that many boxer owners turn to trainers for help.

They are an excellent choice of dog to have, as a reliable and strong silent type of dog that is full of self-confidence, they act as companions and friends, but they also provide a very forceful attitude on their home soil.

They are also very easy to house train, and prefer a restrained sort of environment, they react by being alert and by showing their teeth at anything that comes within their vicinity.

The boxer is a kind of dog that has become very popular due to the attributes of a truly remarkable and versatile companion.

His appearance, and indeed his very being, has been a subject of debate for many, many years, as there are those who claim that the boxer is nothing but a small dog wrapped in a big dog's coat, and there are others who also say just the opposite.

The proportions of the dog and the size of the gums would probably be the most distinguishing characteristics.

When one compares the temperaments of a Boxer with those of other dogs, one has to conclude that the boxer is very exceptional. No other dog has reached the numbers of champions that this particular breed has.

What must be kept in mind when adopting a boxer puppy is that these dogs are highly spirited, and could be very destructive if left alone and bored; this is another reason why the puppies should be adopted when they are around 8-10 weeks old.

For all that reason, therefore, it is recommended that fencing should be blocking off the entrance to the garden so that the puppy will not get any opportunity to chase strangers and vermin. Having fenced off the garden so as to keep the puppy in, one should also insulate the roof so that it does not become insulated, thus allowing the puppy to remain warm and dry.

It must also be remembered that the boxer is a very lively dog, and although it can sometimes be controlled, it is advisable that a boxer puppy be given obedience training at an early age. By doing so, it will learn that the owner is the pack leader, and will look to him for permission and guidance.

When one is considering adopting a boxer as a puppy, it is advisable to ask whether the puppy has been dewormed and vaccinated as these worms can be transferable to humans. If the puppy has been dewormed, it will completely eliminate the risk of worm transmission.


Q: What is a boxer dog?
A: A boxer dog is a medium-sized dog that is muscular and stocky.

Q: What is a boxer dog's coat like?
A: A boxer dog's coat is short and smooth.

Q: What is a boxer dog's temperament like?
A: A boxer dog is a very loyal and affectionate dog.

Q: What is a boxer dog's lifespan?
A: A boxer dog can live up to 12 years.

Q: What is a boxer dog's weight?
A: A boxer dog can weigh up to 50 pounds.

Q: What is a boxer dog's height?
A: A boxer dog can be up to 24 inches tall.

Q: What is a boxer dog's history?
A: Boxer dogs are believed to have originated in Germany.

Q: What is a boxer dog's diet?
A: A boxer dog's diet should be high in protein.